About Kentucky Sheriff's Association (KSA)

I am extremely honored and humbled to be your 2018 President of the Kentucky Sheriff's Association.  As I do not take on the task alone, I know I will have the overwhelming support of our board of directors, past presidents and you, Kentucky's elected Sheriff's. 

As we look forward to our future of retirement, KLEPF, and working with legislature to battle the drug use and other crimes across our Commonwealth my hope is to unite us as one voice so that we may be heard in Frankfort. 

In as much as possible, my desire is to travel to as many of you as I can and visit your respective counties so that I can see first hand the difference in the Office of Sheriff yet also to reiterate to you that " No Sheriff Stands Alone..". 

I am extremely pleased to be able to work side by side with our Executive Director Jerry Wagner in efforts to accomplish the goals you would like to see.

Charles "Craig" William Peoples, Sheriff
Pendleton County Sheriffs Office
Kentucky Sheriff's Association President