About Kentucky Sheriff's Association (KSA)

Dear Sheriffs and Friends,

I want to Thank You for your support as the 2017 President of the Kentucky Sheriffs' Association.

I look forward to meeting with as many of you as possible from Sheriffs' Offices both large and small throughout the year  in an effort to be your voice within the association. At the end of my term  I want to  be remembered as a Sheriff who truly lead the Association and wasn't just President in title only. We are living in tough times and working as a Law Enforcement Executive is a very demanding position, however in our position as Sheriff, we need to lead or get out of way. If we expect different results we need to figure out how to do things differently. I look forward to working with Jerry Wagner, our Executive Director in an effort to continue to move our organization forward while keeping the association strong.

In closing, I'm truly honored and humbled for the opportunity to serve as the Jessamine County Sheriff and President of the Kentucky Sheriffs' Association and promise to continue to serve in both capacities with dignity and  respect.

Sheriff Kevin Corman
Jessamine County President
Kentucky Sheriffs Association